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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter

A Dog's Business Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter

Living with 16 dogs has given me insight into a dog’s soul – their unconditional love for you, their master, no matter how imperfect you might be. Dogs are so easy to please and ask for so little, at least after they get past the puppy stage. Even as puppies, they don’t ask for much. They too often find plenty to keep them busy from chewing your best shoes, the corner of your beautiful coffee table or an edge of your oriental rug. They never mean harm, but it is us that puts them in harms way.  We often leave them alone for eight to ten hours a day when we work. You would get bored being in a crate or home alone all day everyday if you were a young child. Dogs just want to be part of a pack and need companionship. They truly miss us when we are away for extended times.

Patricia Walter


A Dog’s Business

That is the business
of being dog-
to bark, to get dirty feet
to give sloppy kisses.
To always be there
at your feet, in your bed
by your side.
In the car, in the park
in your heart.
That is the business
of being dog-
a companion
a friend
one who thinks that you
and you alone are
the center of their universe.

Original Art & Poetry by Patricia Walter 2000 ©



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