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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter

Annie Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter

Annie’s story is both happy and sad. Terribly sad because someone dumped her at an outdoor shelter in the middle of subfreezing temperatures. The shelter had no inside space for Annie and she stayed in a wooden house with no heat in a pile of straw. Somehow she managed to survive even though we latter found out she was old and diabetic. The shelter manager told me that she wanted to show me a dog when I was at the shelter taking photos for their website that I did for them. She brought out this little ball of matt, mud and fur. I was actually unable to tell the front from the back because she was so matted. I wrapped her in a towel and brought her home. I was going to clean her up, feed her and take care of her until she could find a new home. I started to clean her eyes and could not even get them open. They had been fused closed with gooey crud seeping from her eyes. I decided that I would need a vet’s help and took her to my vet. It took them almost half an hour to clip around her eyes to get them open. She was in such bad shape that they had to clip her entire body which exposed the fact that she was nothing but skin and bones. They knew she needed some special care and kept her overnight. Meantime I went to the manager of a more progressive shelter to get help for her. They accepted her and found a new foster Mom to take care of her. Meanwhile she had gone into several diabetic commas that the vets were able to manage. They were not sure if she would survive. She would need a lot of TLC. A wonderful lady took her and became her foster Mom. I was unable to foster her since I had 13 dogs in my house at the time. Annie continued to heal and gain weight. She wore a doggie sweater all winter to keep her warm. She refused to allow her foster Mom to remove the sweater for many months. She finally became stable and received medicine and shots for her diabetes. Two wonderful ladies decided to adopt Annie. One of the ladies was also a diabetic and school teacher. Annie was able to go to school with her new Mom and visit with the children. She lived a wonderful live surrounded by love for about 2 1/2 years after I removed her from the shelter. She was a very old dog and very lucky to have survived the harsh conditions at the outdoor shelter. You can read more about Annie by clicking here

Patricia Walter



Left alone at the shelter
she shivered and shook
didn’t care about eating
or how she would look.
Thrust into darkness
eyes crusted shut
a matted ball of fur
probably just a mutt.
She had no love
it was lonely and cold
wasn’t there someone
that could be told?
Along came a family
who wanted to share
finally found new home
with love and care.

Original Poetry & Art by
Patricia Walter 2002 ©


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