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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter

A Really Great dog poetry & Art by Patricia Walter

Dogs seem to come in all sizes, shapes and color – every kind of personality that a person could imagine. Everyone seems to have their favorite breed. I guess that is good since it gives many dogs opportunities to have great homes and develop special skills. Many breeds perform very important jobs for people.  I personally love the mixed breeds since I have seen literally thousands during my years of helping the shelter. They are all still great dogs inside – some are just a little prettier than others! But every dog, no matter their breeding, is a loyal companion giving unconditional love.

Patricia Walter


A Really Great Dog

We each have a breed
that we hold dear
but it actually comes down
to the dog we’re near.
Short hair or long
skinny or round
it’s the heart of the dog
that we’ve really found.
Some jump and bark
others sit and stare
no matter their actions
we always care.
Makes no difference
their family tree
a really great dog
is all you see.

Original Poetry & Art by
Patricia Walter 2002 ©



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