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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter

A Wonderful Gift Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter

Dogs are truly a gift to man. They require little and constantly give back to their owner. Sometimes they may give more than just love. A little barking, a little teasing or a game of catch me if you can. But when the games are over and the barking has quieted down, there is nothing but love and admiration left for their owner. Dogs show their love thru their eyes, by wagging their tails and by giving sloppy wet kisses. They are never timid about how they feel. They are a gift that always keeps giving.

Patricia Walter


A Wonderful Gift

I feel a kinship
with most dogs I meet
they look in your eye
and want to greet.
Wag their tail
wiggle their butt
doesn’t matter
purebred or mutt.
Dogs share our lives
a wonderful gift
put on earth
to give man a lift.

Original Poetry & Art by
Patricia Walter 2002 ©



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