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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter

Dog Thoughts

Huskies - Always together right from the start, Man's best friend, lives in our heart.


Elkhound - I may be call hounds, but my love can always be found.


Bernese Mountain Dog  - I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog and I love a fall jog.


Papillon - I'm a little Papillon who sits on your lap, keeps you nice and warm when you take a nap.



I'm a great big Rottweiler who looks really tough, but when we play, I'm never rough. Poetry by Patricia Walter


I'm just a little Yorkie who likes to bark and sing, when I sit on your lap, I feel like a king.  Poetry by Patricia Walter


I'm a Black Lab that loves to run, but playing with you is a lot more fun.  Poetry by Patricia Walter


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