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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter

OJ – The CA Dog

by Patricia Walter  2007

OJ had been a friend for about six years. OJ’s Dad, Joe sent me OJ’s photo to post on the Favorite Pet’s Page of the Six Dog Studio.  My dog PJ, a Welsh Corgi, thought that OJ was quite handsome and wanted to send him an ecard. I help PJ send OJ an ecard. It was love at first email. OJ and PJ continued to send each other ecards for almost five years until OJ finally passed away.

OJ’s Mom and Dad had adopted him from a local shelter in CA. Their daughter, Joney, had taken her Dad, Joe, to the shelter to pick out a dog. A cute Border Collie mix caught their eye. As they were playing with the dog, they started to fall in love! That happens so often with shelter dogs. When the puppy ran outside, he just tried to escape and then jumped into their car. It was the same day the famous OJ police chase had occurred and they named the puppy OJ since it was trying to escape just as OJ did.

OJ was a very luck dog and lived near the ocean. He was fortunate to run the beach for years and years. He loved the water and sand. As OJ’s Mom and Dad became older, they felt they wanted to moved from the ocean to the desert were the climate was warmer. So OJ became a desert dog. He still got to visit the ocean on vacations. He was a very special dog to many people. He often went to breakfast with his Mom and Dad because in CA your dog can go to a restaurant with you. So OJ got to eat breakfast every Friday at a wonderful outside CA restaurant.

OJ is a legend in his home town and made many new desert friends too. He was a great dog and became ill in November of 2005. He is very dearly missed by Phyllis, Joe and Joney. He will always live in their hearts.

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