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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter

Rescue Dogs and Groups

I have worked with many great rescue groups and have some favorites since I have a working relationship with them. But I have learned that most people involved with saving animals from shelters are wonderful people with great big hearts. I am going to share information and stories from the groups that I work with. It doesn’t mean the group or breed are the best, it is just what I have been able to experience first hand. For every story and animal I have helped rescue, there are thousands and thousands just like it. 

Patricia Walter


I have grown to love English Springer Spaniels, along with a lot of other breeds, since I began working with rescue groups.  Charlie is my Springer that I adopted from our local shelter. He was very sick and no one seemed to want a barking, crazy 8 month old male Springer. He was as cute as can be, but full of Springer energy. Field bred Springers are born to run all day and run all night. We were going to only foster Charlie, but he quickly became part of our family when it became difficult to find the right home for him. Sometimes it takes months and years to find a rescued dog living in a foster home a forever permanent loving home. So I started to work with English Springer Rescue of America.  It is a wonderful group of extremely dedicated people who try find every Springer in a shelter a home.  Not easy to do, but that is their goal.  Most rescue groups have the same purpose – to save their favorite breed of dog from being euthanized at shelters and dog pounds.

If you have room in your heart and home to adopt or foster a rescued English Springer Spaniel, please visit the website for English Springer Rescue America, Inc. a non-profit organization

If you are thinking of buy a new puppy or dog, please consider adopting from a shelter or a rescue group that works with your favorite breed. If you don’t know where to find a rescue group, just use your favorite Search Engine and do a search similar to this   “springer rescue group Ohio”  Specify the breed you want and the state you live in.  You will be amazed how many groups are close to you.

You can also check the AKC breed rescue group page by clicking here   Rescue Groups

Dogs that are adopted from shelters or rescue groups are extremely loyal. Somehow they know that you have saved them.


Here are some of the stories of dogs that I have helped rescue and find new homes.





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