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Westie Dogs

By Jeff Cuckson

West Highland Terriers, which are more commonly known as Westies, are hypoallergenic dogs. This is good news for allergy suffers who love these adorable little bundles of fur.

One in ten people suffer from allergies to dogs, suffering from watering eyes and even attacks of asthma. Westies pose a considerably less serious risk than most other breeds of causing an allergic reaction to their hair and dander.

Actually, pet hair is not the cause of allergic reactions in humans. It is the dander common to the dogs and more commonly to specific breeds, which causes the sneezing and breathing problems in allergy prone humans. Dander is microscopic dead skin scales like human dandruff that pets shed as a natural action. The dander is so minuscule you just don’t see it, but it circulates in the air and it stays on the furniture, the drapes and the carpeting.

Besides the west highland terrier, other hypoallergenic breeds of dogs are most terriers including the American hairless, the border, the cairn, the Kerry blue, the soft coated wheaten, the Tibetan, the wire haired fox and the Yorkshire. Other dog breeds noted for their hypoallergenic traits are Basenji, Chinese crested, Havanese, Maltese, miniature schnauzer, Portuguese water dog, Shih-tzu, Spanish water dog, and both standard and toy poodle. No dog is ever 100 percent hypoallergenic.

The very good news for owners and enthusiasts of the precious West Highland terrier that on the list of hypoallergenic dogs, starting with least offensive to allergies, Westies are number seven.

Westies have their own fine qualities as well. They love to be with their owners and family and travel well. Generally they like to swim although they must be supervised. Adult Westie males don’t always get along well with other male dogs that haven’t been altered, however. They are hunters by nature and must be kept on a leash out of doors or they’ll take off in a split second to chase a butterfly, squirrel or rabbit.

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