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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter


Who Let The Dogs Out?

By Maryann Mannax

I’m sure that most of you cannot imagine anyone leaving their dogs outside in the sleet and snow or in very hot weather with hardly any shelter but, in fact, there are many dogs facing this dilemma right now. The animal rights group PETA has come up with a program called “Angel for Animals”.

Because of this wonderful program, many dogs can now find refuge in well-built doghouses through this winter and many more. PETA has gone into low-income, rundown areas and supplied hundreds of strong and sturdy doghouse. These are free of charge and help dogs who would have had to tolerate the ice and snow and cold without any shelter. But there are many more dogs that will have to go through this terrible ordeal. A perfect way to bring happiness and kindness to a poor little dog that has never known love or contentment is to participate in the “Angel for Animals doghouse sponsorship”. This can make an enormous change in the life of a disadvantaged dog. There are also a lot of other organizations that are dedicated to helping dogs. You can easily look on line and find a group that you may want to get involved with.

Charles Darwin said that, “There is no fundamental difference between humans and the higher mammals in their mental faculties”. We all need to have compassion for the innocent animals that do not have anyone else to speak up for them. Mahatma Gandi said that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated”. Animals suffer the same way that humans do, so we should all do our part and try to be aware of anything we can do to help. Children should learn to love and respect animals to ensure that the animals will be well taken care of in the future.

If you happen to observe a dog in a backyard that looks like it is in impending danger, say if the animal is very thin or looks ill or injured or either doesn’t have any shelter or cannot access it, find out which agency is responsible for implementing anti-cruelty laws in your state, county, or town and then notify them of what is going on. Then let the authorities know all crucial points as to what you have observed. Give dates, locations and approximate times. Always keep documentation of everyone you get in touch with, the dates of the contacts and the subject matter and result of your conversation. Keep copies of everything for yourself.

A lot of times we may not want to get involved because we think it is none of our business. But it is the business of concerned people to speak up when living things are treated so cruelly. Every day we have the opportunity to help treat animals with love and compassion.. Even small changes will make a difference. In the long run, we will feel much better about ourselves.

About the Author: Maryann Mannax is a contributing writer to Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun, a new online website dedicated to man’s best friend. Find out the latest, greatest and most fun stuff for your dog. Go to: http://www.dogsjustwannahavefun.com

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