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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter

Why Dogs die and we live on by Bart Peluso

I always wondered why dogs live such a short life and just when we love them the most, they leave us. Seems real unfair, no matter if you believe in a higher being or just plain wonder why their little bodies give out before ours.

I think I may have figured out why we live so much longer than our fur babies.

Now that I am in my sixties, I thought about all my dogs and how they impacted my life, and I came up with maybe an answer . Or at least a theory on why we outlive our four legged adopted children,

But first let me bore you a bit while I brag about my life with my dogs. I am sure you remember every dog you have ever owned . I really hate to use the word “owned” when I refer to my dogs . We really don’t own them, Its more like a partnership, we give them food and care and hugs and they give us unconditional love. Well anyway back to my theory and my little story,

I can remember every dog who was ever was a part of my life.. I had Prince my first dog when I was five , he was the most beautiful English Setter in the world and of course the smartest dog in the world, Then we had Victor a cantankerous old short hair mutt who tried to make me an amputee every time I went to pet him .I was about 8 or so at the time . My Aunt Mary, now in her 80’s named him after Victor Mature the actor whom she adored, I wonder if the real Victor Mature was as cranky as our Victor.

And I’ll never forget Storm my sweet terrier mix when I was about 12, He was just a lovable mutt but I learned a lesson early in life that dogs and highways don’t mix. My first tragedy and my first encounter with the death of something I loved so much.

I will never forget the day we rescued Oscar, who could have been a stand in for Benji. What a great dog, always happy and loving. We found him living in an old refrigerator in uninhabited West Miramar. Somebody just dropped him off out the in the woods. How can people be so mean ?

I’m a pretty lucky guy. I have the greatest wife in the world, my wife Barbara who is more of a dog nut than me and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention her dog Trooper, Trooper was a German Shepard who had all the attributes of a true member of his breed, loyal, protective and loving till the very end, Barb still talks about Trooper to this day and we named my Lapso Trooper in honor of this wonderful Shepard

About 20 years ago, we were blessed with Ernie and Bailey, Our adorable father and son Yorkies…Ernie had a way of looking at you with a serious stare and you would wonder what’s going on in his teenie little head, Bailey Boy was his son, not the smartest dog we ever had, but he can only be described as huggable and lovable. Bailey Boy eventually succumbed to Cushing’s and passed away before his dad Ernie, who gave us 15 great years of happiness and love.

And now we have four wonderful babies… Billy-Boy our Lapso who will literally give you the food from his bowl. Billy even has his own fan club at Camelot Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel. He gets to hang out with all the girls behind the counter, no cage for my Billy Boy, and of course now we have Trooper the Second, another Lapso who we “rescued” from a local pet shop. You see, no body wanted him and they were going to send him to some place that takes unsellable dogs,….. Scary thought. Trooper was in that pet shop for four months and still in a little cage when we found him. He was very timid and shy and just afraid of people. Trooper was always passed over in favor of some cute floppy eared Beagle or cuddly Chihuahua .

Trooper is now 6 years old and is still quite a bit paranoid around people, He doesn’t trust anyone but me and Barb and when there’s any thunder or lightening Trooper somehow manages to push me off my pillow and taker over the best spot in our bed. But he’s my special baby and can have my pillow anytime.

Our sweet little girl Bijons, Sugar and Spice came to us courtesy of Broward Humane Society and Hurricane Katrina via their New Orleans rescue operation. They were sisters and if we didn’t take them both they would have been separated. So that’s why we now have four dogs. Spice girl went blind last year from a horrible dog disease called Sards. After a major experimental operation and many meds we realized our baby would never see again, But our Spice was braver than us and took her affliction in stride. Her tail never stopped wagging. Spice is doing great, If I didn’t tell you, you would never even know she is blind. Spice wakes us up every morning with a “million ” doggie kisses.

So back to my theory…why we live so much longer than our dogs ? Its really pretty simple I don’t know what took me so long to connect the dots …

The way I see it there are thousands and thousands of dogs that need a home and need our love, yet there’s just not enough people who love dogs to go around.

So we get to love a whole lot more dogs this way and while every one of us must share the pain of losing a beloved pet , we then get to help another and then another …

So when your special baby finally goes over the Rainbow Bridge please say to yourself  “I will never ever forget my sweet dog but now its time for another four legged baby to enter my life”

Bart Peluso
[email protected]


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