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Stories and Poetry by Patricia Walter

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Dog Stories and Poetry
by Patricia Walter


Life With Dogs - Let them out, let them in, you just get settled and their at it again.  The dogs just love to have their fun, everything goes, they're on the run. Their lives are full with happiness and joy, they just can't wait to get a new toy. Life with dogs is never dull, tak the good with the bad, you love them all. Poetry by Patricia Walter 2006

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Patricia Walter


Dog - Loyal Protector and Friend.   Gives with an open heart - love and affection.   Shares with no obligation - joy and happines.

Dog – Loyal Protector and Friend

by Patricia Walter 2002

Gives with an open heart – love and affection

Shares with no obligation – joy and happiness

Works without questions – hard and energetic

Lives without regret – for the joy of the moment

Loves with no bounds – his master, his friend

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